In my many years as a games reviewer I have played so weird and wonderful titles and PS3 title Never Dead has to rate very high in the weirdness stakes.

You take the role of Bryce Boltzann who is cursed with immortality and this is where the strangeness multiples, as you can't die you can be shot, chopped and even decapitated and dismembered without too much upset and still continue your way through the game.

Some stages even require you to be only a head rolling through tight spaces and gaps, then through the power of regeneration you can become whole again.

It's this aspect that will make you either love or hate the hack and slash shoot-em-up game, which is very gory and has some good graphics.

The controls let the title down somewhat and at times you can become very frustrated while trying to undertake some routine tasks but in terms of originality the game can be forgiven small flaws.

Dean Harness