The Cinderella plot has been used thousands of times in the past, and updated to the modern world three times in this franchise alone.

But while the story's the same, there are enough plot departures, sparky performances and overall charm to make this an ideal girls' sleepover movie.

Our teenage heroine Katie has a stark choice: skivvy for her stepmother and stepsisters or go back into foster care.

One of her tasks is to record the vocals for her stepsister Bev's audition tape so she can land a recording contract.

Enter Luke, who hears Kitty's voice at the school's ball and falls in love, only to mix her up with Bev when he sees her lip-synching to Katie's vocals.

This isn't as classy as High School Musical, and lacks the bite of Glee or Mean Girls, but it should be entertaining enough to keep pre-teens occupied.

David Knights