The Muppets make a long-awaited return to the screen -- and that's actually what the movie is about, The Muppets returning to the screen.

It's been years since their last success, they've gone their separate ways, but lifelong fan Walter decides to bring them back together.

He wants them to perform in a benefit show to raise £1 million to save the crumbling Muppet Studios from an evil oil baron.

Walter finds Kermit living alone in a mansion, Fozzie in a Muppets tribute act, Gonzo selling plumbing parts, Animal in anger management, and Miss Piggy a plus-size magazine editor.

With reunion comes the same mix of sharp gags, wild mayhem, sugary sweetness and catchy songs -- it's like a live version of a Simpsons show.

It's all very entertaining, terrific for existing Muppet devotees and sure to win a whole new generation of fans, all finishing the movie with a big smile on their face.

The DVD has loads of funny "out-takes", trailers and deleted scenes.

David Knights