“JUST stand right next to the mike and speak clearly into it….5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”

Sounds straightforward but it’s all too easy for your throat to dry and voice become husky when so challenged, as well as the urge to cough or stumble with “ers” and “ums”!

On July 4 Airedale Writers’ Circle members gathered for a special meeting at the studios of Drystone Radio in Cowling (almost opposite The Harlequin restaurant) instead of their usual venue at Sight Airedale in Keighley.

We were invited by the station’s Oliver Wilkinson and Steve to record an interview with myself (to explain how I got interested in writing and when and where Airedale Writers’ Circle meets) and then to record some of our own prose and poetry for later transmission.

Some – notably Rita Barsby’s poem on the confusions arising with recycling bins – were broadcast the next morning during a live programme.

Others were saved for ‘George’, the electronic gadgetry which selects what to play when Drystone is unmanned – mainly overnight between 11pm and 7am – between the pieces of music that George also chooses.

Using this technology means that this radio station is never silent as their coverage is truly 24/7.

Drystone Radio was set up by Richard Adams nearly 20 years ago, with round-the-clock broadcasting for the last ten years on FM at 103.5 frequency.

Unusually it is not a commercial venture but a not-for-profit community one, a registered charity, whose aim is to give a voice to the people of South Craven. It is manned entirely by volunteers.

You too can get involved, in a variety of ways. Those with a keen interest in journalism for example are encouraged to write news stories for the station’s website and/or write and record short pieces of prose or poetry – whether fact or fiction – to be broadcast.

Training is provided for this, as it is for those volunteers wanting to be involved in managing the various IT systems used at Drystone.

Google Drystoneradio.com for further information.

There are specific slots for specialist subjects, such as astronomy (led by Martin) and a couple of hours devoted to literary matters on Tuesday evenings.

Writer David Driver hosts the latter and Airedale Writers’ Circle have been invited back to participate in his programme this autumn – on a date yet to be fixed.

We look forward indeed to this opportunity to showcase the original works of our members.

You can of course also further your interest in writing generally by joining Airedale Writers’ Circle!

We meet at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday evening of every month at Sight Airedale in Scott Street, Keighley, immediately behind the Main Library.