THE temperature rises, the central heating trundles down and the sun is shining... it must finally be spring and at Keighley Cinema, it’s arrival causes a flurry of activity.

This work is usually concentrated on the building’s frontage.

Some people passing by may have spotted us washing down the facade followed by yours truly out with a tin of gloss paint tending to the white woodwork.

This is a job I’ve been wanting to get started on since Christmas!

We have also started planning for the biggest renovation project we have attempted in the past ten years – namely the roof above Screen Two.

Our lovely Edwardian building is actually two buildings. The front piece we all know and love with its elegant vintage brickwork and, behind it, Screen One’s hall.

The latter is where most work was done prior to us taking lease of the building in 1996, and now it is time to concentrate on the front roof, which has not had a repair in earnest since the building was first opened.

This is attributed to the herculean difficulty of getting to it and because, all told, it’s not in bad nick really, just some TLC to the slates and guttering will see it right.

This will mean scaffolding over the North Street frontage in due course, but that gives us an opportunity to give the windows on the first and second floor some attention, along with the iconic 1913 sign, all of which was done about ten years ago so only really needs the paint touching up.

We will remain open during this work, taking advantage of the cinema’s 5pm opening during term time, allowing us to do the work during the day and pack up in time for that evening’s films.

Once the work is completed, our building will make for an even lovelier picture in the summer sun and a cosy night out for cinema-goers all year round.

This is, of course, only a taste of what goes on behind the scenes (and above your heads) while you’re enjoying the latest films, and all this is necessary to keep our grand old lady going strong.

Watch out for the finishing touches going into the facilities during coming weeks, along with some changes in the foyer, all in preparation for some cracking films during the next quarter!

Hot on the heels of Beauty And The Beast (PG) is Fast And Furious 8 (12a).

The latest instalment of revving engines and family rivalry kicked off the summer blockbuster season, having arrived on Good Friday, followed by Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 (12a) taking us to space on April 28.

A slew of releases follow in May, namely Alien Covenant, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, all of which lead up to the six-week holidays. June, July and August promise to be packed even tighter with blockbusters and family animations, including the long-awaited Despicable Me 3, but more on that in my next article.