Fancy a trip to a smelly old village?

That's what's in store for you on a visit to Jorvik in the centre of York.

Centrepiece of this museum is the famous recreation of the Viking forerunner of today's city.

The huts, streets, boats and life-size people of Jorvik have been created in exactly the same places as the originals.

You ride through the village in suspended cars, in and out of the homes and shops, with individualised commentary.

One nice touch is that in addition to the adult commentary, children can be taken on a tour of the village by "Viking" boy.

Around you at the sites, sounds and smells -- not only the nice ones -- of life in a bustling pre-medieval port.

Jorvik was built almost 30 years ago and in recent years has been updated a couple of times at a cost of several million pounds.

The latest changes see realistic humans with animatronic effects, greeting you as you pass, and tweaks around the site to fit the latest archaeological finds.

In the old days Jorvik was basically the recreated village, with a few Viking artefacts to see in the gallery afterwards.

Now there's a more rounded visitor experience, with quite a bit to see before and after your ride.

As you enter there are several displays showing what was discovered under the shop's of today's Coppergate, and an introduction to the Viking way of life.

Most impressive is the floor: it's almost entirely glass, letting you walk across a real archaeological site, seeing the remains of a "street of the cup makers" without the recreated buildings.

Then it's on to the ride, seeing what such buildings would have been like in the 10th century.

Afterwards there's another gallery with the main artefacts, from gold and silver treasures to weapons to everyday essentials like combs and cups..

Again, much imagination has gone into displaying things in the most interesting way: holograms, mirrors and special lighting bring artifacts to life, actors on Viking costumes show the crafts and weaponry making.

Watch each display case for a few seconds and suddenly it changes, the tools now in craftsmen's hands, the objects laid out on Viking rooms.

In short: best way for kids to learn about the Vikings.

Duration: one to two hours.

Age suitability: most interesting for primary school children.

Extras: gift shop.

Open: peak season 10am-5pm, November-Easter 10am-4pm.

Prices: adults £9.25, children (5-15) £6.25, concessions £7.25.

Getting there: in centre of York next to Coppergate shopping centre. Parking: pay-and-display car park next to nearby York Castle Museum/Clifford's Tower; Park & Ride at various points on York ring road.

Website: Phone: 01904 615505