It is with great pride as we approach the Haworth 1940s weekend that I can report we have restored two locomotives that were central to the war effort.

We repatriated one of the two locomotives from Poland – our S160 class locomotive, ‘Big Jim’, numbered 5820 – and the other from Sweden, a member of the War Department class, numbered 90733.

The latter had to be re-engineered to remove many modifications fitted to the locomotive to enable the crews to operate it in the climactic challenges posed by the Arctic Circle.

The more cynical might suggest that with some of the weather we get in the valley, we should have just left it as it was!

Seriously, however, this locomotive was a member of the largest class of locomotives in Britain, yet no example was preserved from the UK-based fleet, probably because it was deemed too commonplace to warrant saving. Our volunteers have been able to fill this significant gap in the preservation of our heritage.

On the Saturday morning of the 1940s weekend, we will be formally dedicating these locomotives in the presence of representatives from the UK and USA armed forces, to reflect the importance of these locomotives during the war.

This will also celebrate their restoration and re-entry into traffic together on the railway during the weekend.

We play an important logistical role in the 1940s weekend, by providing a much-needed park and ride operation from other stations on the line to Haworth, to ease congestion.

Looking beyond this weekend, we continue to prepare for Le Grand Depart.

We are planning an intensive service, with trains departing Keighley for Haworth and Oxenhope at least every 45 minutes between 7.30am and 8pm, and trains departing Oxenhope for Keighley (including Haworth) at least every 45 minutes between 6.45am and 8pm.

A full timetable will be available on our website nearer the time.

On July 6 only, all normal fares will be suspended, and a special ticket allowing unlimited journeys will be available priced £10 for adults and £5 for children. Local residents in possession of a valid Local Residents’ Railcard will be charged £5.