WE HAVE just had a chance to reflect on the year's achievements and challenges, as we held our annual general meeting at the end of September.

Ann Cryer, the former MP for Keighley and our long-standing president, reminded us that 2015 will mark 50 years since the first locomotive and carriages arrived at Haworth.

It was another three years of very hard work for those early volunteers before the line reopened fully in 1968.

It is very humbling to look back and appreciate the vision and commitment of those founding working members of the Society, and we can look around the railway now to realise what they achieved.

What we are now working on is developing the railway's infrastructure and facilities to ready it for another 50 years of operation.

We need to modernise our engineering facilities at Oxenhope and Haworth, and make sure that the railway is as engaging as it can be to attract the next generation of volunteers, so we are looking to enhance visitor facilities at Keighley station, as well as continuing to develop the café project at Oxenhope.

We are also continuing our investment in our locomotive fleet, and with one steam engine's overhaul predicted to cost in excess of £300,000 (and we need a fleet of at least four operational locomotives to run the railway's timetable) we continue to work to ensure that the railway remains on a very firm financial footing.

Whilst looking forward to seeing such long-term projects come to fruition, we continue to work on the immediate, and we are looking forward to our next Steam Spectacular weekend this Saturday and Sunday, and the Beer and Music Festival on October 23 to 26. And for the first time ever we are running a Halloween Special on October 31… book only if you dare for the latter!

Our Santa Special trains are filling fast, so if you want the date and train time of your choice, please do book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. To make the bookings and get more details, please visit kwvr.co.uk where you will find that we have recently released our new-look website. We would very much welcome your feedback and comment on this.

As ever, we rely very heavily on our volunteers to make all this happen. If you can spare a few hours a week or even just a month, whatever skills you have forward like to learn, do please consider joining our working membership, so you can be part of keeping such an important bit of history alive on your doorstep.

Steam, smoke and oil… Our fabulous, all action Autumn Steam Spectacular is perfect for everyone, whether old or young, big or small.

There will be up to nine different steam locomotives in action, vintage carriages, express trains, and a chance to get up close and have a look on the footplate.

The railway will run intensively from 8.30am most days into the early evening. Stations are gaslit during the evenings and give a night-time glow as your train rolls in.