FROM the centre of the village head south past the Old Star, and just after the Duke of Wellington take a path left of a cottage.

Across a footbridge the path ascends between fields onto a road. Go briefly left then right up Woodacre Lane.

At the top the route passes a school and drops to a T-junction in Bardsey. Cross to the churchyard to find a small gate at the bottom, opposite the porch. A path drops down to a footbridge and up into a field. Slant right to the side of the and up to the brow, then joining an enclosed path. Go left to an access road leading past houses onto the A58.

Cross and go briefly left to find a field-side path heading away to meet a track. Here, take a hedge-side path rising up to the right.

Once over a brow it drops to the corner, then heads left through undergrowth.

Further along, cross a footbridge into a field, and go left to a stile onto a driveway. Go briefly left to the gates of Moat Hall. Turn right on an enclosed path round two sides of a field, bridging a beck and on beneath an old rail bridge.

Just beyond a ruinous mill it runs through undergrowth to the heathery mounds at Pompocali. Ascend the path straight ahead, and at an early fork keep straight on above the drop to your left.

With quarried mounds to your right advance to the brow, and at the end is a T-junction. Drop left to a gate onto an enclosed track, then left to a ford/bridge. Without crossing, take a gate on the right to pass into Hetchell Wood.

A good path heads away beneath Hetchell Crags, emerging at the end into a field. Keep to the left side, around a corner and into a second field to enter trees at another corner.

The path heads straight on through this largely wooded area, and ignore routes branching off to the left.

Towards the end cross the old railway down to the A58. Cross and turn right past the Bardsey junction, and a short way further take a path left into suburban Cornmill Close.

Rise past the old mill and continue straight up a drive to Bardsey Grange. Don’t enter but take a small gateway left. A path climbs to a fence at the top enclosing Castle Hill’s motte and bailey site.

Go left, where the path becomes enclosed to run past the mound back into Bardsey. Return to the church junction and turn right to the historic Bingley Arms.

Opposite it take a driveway going right with a stream. At its head pass to the right of the right-hand gateway and an enclosed path heads away to emerge into a field.

Advance to a stile amidst the undergrowth, then cross the bottom edge of a field above a wood. At the end turn up the side of the hedge onto Wike Lane, and go right to return to East Keswick.