A district-wide campaign to help reduce the damage caused by alcohol abuse begins in Keighley this week.

Alcohol Awareness Week will see Bradford Council joining forces with West Yorkshire Police, Trading Standards, West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and alcohol treatment groups.

The organisations will highlight the suffering inflicted by alcohol-related problems and encourage residents to drink sensibly.

The Council, Keighley’s Project 6, West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and other agencies will run sessions designed to get people to talk about the health risks and social problems associated with alcohol.

Some sessions will take place at Keighley Connexions, in Low Street, while others will be held at GP practices.

As part of the week the police will crack down on drink-fuelled crime with operations against drink-driving and anti-social behaviour.

They will also carry out test purchasing operations with Trading Standards, to gather evidence and charge traders who sell to under- 18s.

Steve Hartley, assistant director for neighbourhoods at Bradford Council, said: “Drinking too much is having a devastating and wide-reaching impact on society and we are working with partners to prevent and tackle the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

“We are addressing the issue on all fronts. From prevention work in schools to law enforcement and rehabilitation we are fully committed to tackling the health, crime and social impacts of alcohol misuse.”

Superintendent Vince Firth, of the Bradford District Community Safety Partnership, said: “Tackling drunkenness, anti-social behaviour and alcohol-fuelled violence is a key priority for West Yorkshire Police.”

Figures published by Bradford Council show that more than 17,000 people in Keighley and Bradford are drinking alcohol at levels which could seriously damage their health.

People struggling with alcohol-related issues can receive free, confidential advice online at bradfordrecoverysystem.org.uk.