A cat welfare charity’s Cross Roads shelter has taken in 500 cats so far this year.

A ten-week-old kitten called Smudge is one of the latest homeless felines to be accommodated by Haworth Cat Rescue.

The charity’s centre manager, Sam Davies, said: “Smudge came to us as one of a litter of kittens handed in by an owner who couldn’t cope, as she already had too many pets.

“Sadly, this is what happens when people don’t get their adult cats neutered and it’s a depressingly familiar story.

“Smudge is one of the lucky ones, but we’re short of foster carers for cats.”

Haworth Cat Rescue can be contacted on (01535) 647184.

Keighley mayor Councillor George Metcalf will open the town’s newest charity shop on Saturday.

Haworth Cat Rescue is launching its first retail outlet at 78-80 Cavendish Street.

The opening, at 11.30am, will also be attended by the charity’s mascot, Haworth Cat.

Anyone with unwanted items to donate or interested in volunteering is asked to pop into the shop, e-mail mail@haworthcatrescue.org or call (01535) 611283.