Cullingworth councillors plan to devise a long-term strategy to tackle traffic problems in the village.

The parish council will hold a meeting in January as the village tries to cope with an expected increase in vehicles as new houses are built in coming years.

Plans have been approved for 54 houses on the site of the former pet food factory in Halifax Road, and 60 homes on Manywells Industrial Estate.

And earlier this year, Bradford Council’s Local Development Frame-work identified five locations in Cullingworth suitable for developing a total of 250 houses.

Council chairman Jacqui Guy said: “We want to look at what we’ve got and how to reduce traffic volumes.

“There are hotspots and there are no plans to improve the infrastructure of the village.”

The project was announced following recent surveys by Bradford Council of traffic flows on roads into Cullingworth.

But Coun Guy said the survey did not give a full picture because it was carried out when Cullingworth’s chicken factory was not operating.

Major problems include heavy lorries travelling to local factories, stonemasons and quarries and increased congestion, particularly caused by inconsiderate parking when parents take children to and from Cullingworth’s two schools.

Coun Guy said: “One woman couldn’t get to work because someone had parked across her drive.”