All Bradford Council offices will be shut down for Christmas and New Year, with some remaining shut in between, in order to save costs.

This will mean offices are closed from Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day, as well as on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Essential services – such as street cleansing, traffic management and child protection – will still be available.

In addition, certain offices will be closed on December 27 and 28, such as Bingley and Ilkley town halls.

But others such as City Hall, Shipley Town Hall and Keighley Town Hall, as well as the Bingley Council Shop, will be open. Furthermore, other offices will be partially open for staff to work from.

Leeds Council is also trialling a festive shutdown of buildings that have low or no demand over the Christmas period as it looks to save money.

Non-essential services and those with very low demand will be closed to reduce energy and building costs from midnight on December 23 to midnight on January 1.

Refuse collection, street cleansing and traffic management services will not be affected.

There will be sufficient social work staff in place to deal with child protection issues, and the majority of adult social care services will also remain open.

A spokesman for Bradford Council said: “We have reviewed which buildings will remain open over the Christmas and New Year period in order to provide essential services and emergency cover whilst at the same time saving money on running costs.

“All Bradford Council office buildings will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to reduce energy and other costs but essential front-line services will be maintained such as street cleansing, traffic management and child protection.

“A limited service will be offered on December 27 and 28. For example, Bingley and Ilkley Town Halls will be shut, but City Hall, Shipley Town Hall and Keighley Town Hall will be open on those days.

“Other Council offices without public access will be partially open for people to work.”

More information about Council office closures is available at

Information can also be found on Twitter by following @bradfordmdc.