A charity that brings Christian and Muslim young people together is recruiting a youth worker in Keighley.

The Feast, based in Birmingham, is looking for a practising Christian to start new projects in Keighley and Bradford.

The charity aims to help young people of different faiths make friends, discuss their faith in a healthy and respectful way and work together to improve their communities.

The Feast was set up in 2009 following several years of events bringing people together from different faiths.

The charity now employs three youth workers in Birmingham, but has attracted interest from church groups across the UK.

The Feast is affiliated to the Scripture Union, a Church of England organisation that works with children and young people.

A spokesman said: “Increasing numbers of Christian and Muslim young people are now taking part in a wide variety of quality events.

“They have the opportunity to explore their own faith and the faith of those they were meeting.”