A man found unconscious on his doorstep with severe head injuries on Christmas Day has been described this afternoon as “a good Samaritan without a bad bone in his body” by a neighbour.

A passer-by found Sidney Bond, 64, lying outside his flat on Spring Row in Keighley following a suspected attack on Christmas afternoon. He was rushed to hospital with severe head injuries.

He is currently being treated at Leeds General Infirmary where he remains in a stable condition.

Five people have been arrested since the alleged attack, and two of them appeared at Bradford Crown Court today charged with section 18 wounding. The other three have been released without charge.

Janet Parker, who lives in the same apartment complex as Mr Bond, said she was shocked when she heard of the incident, and has been praying for Mr Bond’s recovery ever since.

She described him as a perfect neighbour, adding: “He was like a good Samaritan. He would do anything for you - lend you sugar, lend you milk. He has lent me money before. He always knocked on my window when he walked past to say hi.

“I’ve been praying hard for him. He is a beautiful person - he didn’t have a bad bone in his body. It is a real shame what happened. I hope he recovers because he is not a young man. I’m hoping and praying he comes through this OK.”

She said Mr Bond had no children, and had never been married.

The two people charged with section 18 wounding - Ashley Whyte, 22, of North Dean Road, Keighley, and Lee Snowden, 23, of Laburnum Road, Shipley - have been remanded in custody until March 18, when they will be asked to enter pleas.

Police say they will take no further action against the three other people arrested shortly after the attack, two men aged 51 and 46 and a 38-year-old woman, all from the Keighley area.