A low-speed zone in Highfield is to be expanded in a bid to stop rat-run drivers heading for the town centre.

Road humps will be installed in Mornington Street, Belgrave Road and seven surrounding terraced streets.

The current 20mph zone, which centres around Highfield Lane, will be extended into 20 nearby streets.

Residents have long complained about the speed of traffic on steep roads in the heavily-built-up neighbourhood.

Councillor Abid Hussain, right, said he and fellow ward members had campaigned for traffic calming.

He added: “Residents asked for speed bumps a couple of years ago. This issue has been going on for a long time. “It will be really good safety for the children. There are a lot of old people living there too. Sometimes young drivers come down Mornington Street very fast.”

Residents have until February 14 to lodge objections with Bradford Council.

A total of 24 speed cushions, road humps and speed tables will be installed in Mornington Street, Belgrave Road, Ivy Street, Gisburn Road, Leith Street, Raven Street, Richmond Street, Sunny Mount and Well Street.

The 20mph zone will incorporate Mornington Street, Barlow Road, Sunny Mount, Belgrave Road, Bath Street, Crosby Street, Don Street, Frances Street, Gisburn Street, Half Street, Ivy Street, Lark Street, Leith Street, Margaret Street, Raven Street, Richmond Street, Stanley Street, Summit Street and Well Street.