The family of an epilepsy sufferer beaten so badly he could not walk for three days have spoken of their “disgust” at youths who committed the callous crime.

Peter Hutchinson, 50, was viciously attacked in Bradford Road, Keighley, after being hit in the face by a snowball.

He was left badly bruised and has lost all feeling in his right leg after a gang of five teenagers assaulted him.

Condemning the perpetrators, his brother, John, said: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting five young lads would set about someone who is disabled. How can they get away with something like this?

“This could easily have brought on one of his fits, which could potentially have been very dangerous. He’s normally quite independent but this attack has left him housebound.”

A police spokesman confirmed the attack was under investigation and appealed for witnesses to contact officers.

Mr Hutchinson, who lives alone in Lawkholme and cannot work because of the severity of his epilepsy, had been walking towards the shops in Stockbridge at about 3pm last Wednesday when he was set upon.

He was in Bradford Road, close to Victoria Park, when a group of five Asian youths on the other side of the road threw a snowball at him.

When he went to remonstrate with them, they assaulted him and knocked him to the ground. The sustained attack continued for about two minutes before the teenagers fled down Bronte Street.

Mr Hutchinson said: “They ran off and left me to struggle back home. They must have done something to my right leg – I’ve lost all feeling in it.”

John, 51, who is a brewery worker and also lives in Keighley, said he understood a telecoms engineer was working nearby at the time of the attack, and would have seen what happened.

A police spokesman said: “We received reports a man had approached five youths in the Bradford Road/Bronte Street area to stop them throwing snowballs.

“He was hit in the face with a snowball and assaulted by maybe two of the youths. They were all male, Asian, and about 15 years old.

“Inquiries are ongoing, and anyone who has seen the incident, or knows the people involved, should contact us on the non-emergency 101 number or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”