Plans for a 45-metre-high turbine on the moors at Denholme have sparked an outcry from anti-windfarm campaigners.

Bradford Council has just received an application for the turbine at Denholme Business Centre in Halifax Road.

The centre, which can house up to 38 businesses, was recently granted permission for a 1,000-panel solar farm on a neighbouring field. And that green initiative was broadly welcomed.

The application says the turbine “will provide sufficient electricity to meet the growing needs of the business centre once fully occupied by tenants, and to generate income to support the further renovation and development of the site”.

But the proposal is a step too far, says Anthea Orchard, of the Thorn-ton Moor Windfarm Action Group.

She added: “There’s hell going on about this.

“As a group, we didn’t object to the solar panels – now we find out they’re going for a turbine as well. And it’s not one of the small ones.

“The post is 30 metres high and the diameter of the blades is 30 metres, so that makes for 45 metres from top to bottom.”

Mrs Orchard claims no mention of a wind turbine was made in her previous discussions with one of Denholme Business Centre’s owner, Bradford solicitor Iqbal Singh Sekhon.

And she said the new application will be strongly opposed.

“We are all really upset by this,” Mrs Orchard added.

Denholme mayor, Councillor Steve Nunn, said residents had already approached him with concerns about the proposal.

Mr Nunn added: “The main issue for people seems to be existing turbines are all in areas where there are already structures, such as metal pylons.

“But this proposal would mean encroachment in that it would be spreading out onto open moorland on the other side of the A629.

“And that would have more impact on local residents.”

The issue is due to be discussed at the next full meeting of Denholme Town Council on January 21.

“It would be inappropriate for me to comment personally before that meeting. Everyone is invited to attend, and there is a ten-minute slot at the beginning of the meeting when people can voice their concerns,” Mr Nunn said.

Bradford Council planners are due to make a decision on the Denholme turbine next month.

Mr Sekhon was unavailable at the time of going to print.