Hi-tech air mattresses have boosted the comfort of patients at Manorlands hospice thanks to a donation from Gannett, the parent company of the Keighley News.

A cheque for £9,600 was handed over last year towards a rolling replacement scheme to furnish the Sue Ryder home at Oxenhope with the best bedding money can buy.

“Basically, we used to have ridged air mattresses, which some patients found too soft and difficult to get up from,” said Sarah Bottomley, head of clinical care.

“And thanks to the money from Gannett and other sources, we are now able to provide Oska Cirrus mattresses, which are the absolute best in terms of pressure sore prevention.”

Staff researched all the latest products to find which offered not just the best overall comfort, but also were adaptable to suit the condition and weight of individual patients.

“They have a layer of air beneath a thick layer of memory foam, and the firmness is kept constant by a pump, which can be set to provide hard, soft or whatever is comfortable.

“And our patients really love them,” Mrs Bottomley added.

The Oxenhope home has 16 beds, and all will eventually have the new super mattresses.

Each one costs about £3,500, and so two were purchased with last year’s gift from the newspaper group.

“It’s a rolling programme to replace them all, so we are very grateful for the donation from Gannett,” Mrs Bottomley said.

“Comfort is one of the most basic things we can offer people who come to us for care, and as many people spend a long time in their beds, these mattresses are making a tremendous difference.”