Keighley Ramblers are campaigning for an alternative route to Keighley Tarn to be opened up.

They claim a public footpath linking Braithwaite Road with Black Hill Lane is currently blocked by locked gates.

They have demanded that Bradford Council ensures that walkers can use it.

The Keighley News last week revealed that Keighley Ramblers were supporting a campaign for a pavement to be provided on Black Hill Lane, the main route to Keighley Tarn, from the town centre.

The latest row centres on a separate path, which exits on to Black Hill Lane after coming up through fields from Braithwaite Road, between Braithwaite and Laycock. Ramblers spokesman Alex Gardner said gates along the path – which passes Daisy Hill Farm – had been locked for at least the past two years.

He said: “The footpath would be ideal for some local people to use on their way up and down from the tarn.”

Darren Hinchliffe, Bradford Council’s area rights-of-way officer, said he was aware that the Daisy Hill Farm footpath was currently obstructed.

He said: “We have been in discussion with landowners to resolve this, but one of the landowners is claiming that the route of the footpath has been incorrectly recorded. This has to be investigated and resolved by the Rights of Way section before any further action can be taken.”