Older people in Braithwaite and Guard House spoke about their needs while sharing a cuppa and watching a concert.

The joint tea party and consultation event was held at the estate’s Kingfisher Centre.

Around 60 people, mostly aged 60 and over, were asked a series of questions about life in the neighbourhood.

Among the requests were fence and roof repairs, cleaning up of dog mess, drain cleaning and trips out.

They also requested a computer club, quiz nights, bingo, games sessions, speakers, stage entertainment, dancing and craft days.

Keighley organisations will draw on the responses when they are devising activities for local residents.

The tea party was organised by Incommunities officer Gill Dawn and community development worker Pip Gibson.

The event formed part of the Older People’s Health and Wellbeing Provision Braithwaite initiative.

Pip said the day was supported by volunteers from the Hainworth Wood Community Centre in Woodhouse and the Sue Belcher Community Centre in Bracken Bank.

She said: “These two communities already come together for various events and activities.

“It is hoped that we can utilise their experience, skills and support.”

The next gathering will involve residents of Foster Gardens, Brigg Gardens and School Walk, all in Braithwaite, to talk about possible activities in the Foster Gardens Community Room.