A former Keighley hairstylist who went on to become an MP has written her autobiography.

Elizabeth Peacock recounts her life and career in the book, A Yorkshire Lass at the Court of Thatcher.

The book is said to give a fascinating insight into the political arena through the eyes of a woman renowned for a common sense approach to politics.

Elizabeth was one of the few female MPs in British government during the Thatcher years.

The roots of her political career were in Keighley, where she trained as a hairstylist and ran a local salon.

Elizabeth came from a poor background and was educated at a convent school in Skipton Later, while a stay-at-home mum, she gained a growing interest in education as a school governor and recognised problems within local government.

She became Conservative MP for Batley and Spen in 1983 after a hard-fought campaign.

A Yorkshire Lass At The Court Of Thatcher is published by Pen & Sword Books Limited.