A hi-tech charging point for electric cars could be installed in Keighley.

The move is part of a £475,000 scheme by transport authority Metro, which would see 14 such points placed across the county.

Bradford district is poised to get two – one at the Shell petrol station in Hard Ings Road, and the other off the M606.

Detailed site investigations have now started, and Metro is talking to landowners and the network operator to find out how much it will cost to install charge points at each location and what power will be required.

The facilities would be ‘rapid’ points, which take 30 minutes to charge a vehicle.

Metro’s Bradford-district spokesman, Councillor Imran Khan, hopes the charge points will encourage more people to take up the greener vehicles.

“The cost of petrol is going through the roof, and we are hoping more and more people will come on to these cars,” he said.

“It has the knock-on effect of being environmentally-friendly as well.”

Transport bosses successfully applied for a £345,000 grant towards the project from the government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles. Metro then put forward £125,000 of its own money.