Tour de France organisers have revealed what time the cyclists and accompanying ‘caravan’ of support vehicles will arrive in the towns and villages of Keighley district on July 6.

The detailed itinerary has been published on the Tour de France section of Welcome to Yorkshire’s website. It indicates the event, comprising both cyclists and the caravan, will take about two and a half hours to pass through the district.

Residents welcomed the extra information, but warn there are plenty of questions still to be answered.

Keighley cycling enthusiast Frank O’Dwyer, along with Liz Barker of community group Worth the Tour, said they were pleased to see the itinerary indicates a sprint will take place in Keighley.

Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council chairman, Councillor John Huxley, said: “We are looking forward to it.

“But normal life will still go on that day – people will fall sick, babies will be born and people will have to get to work. So people are excited about the event but also want to know how they’re going to cope with it.”

The first vehicles in the caravan are due to start entering Silsden from 11.02am, with the cyclists expected in the town from 12.52pm.

Sponsors’ cars, decorated floats and other vehicles belonging to the caravan should begin arriving in Keighley from 11.06am, and the first cyclists will enter from 12.55pm onwards.

Spectators in Cross Roads can expect the caravan to appear from 11.19am, with the cyclists scheduled to arrive at 1.08pm.

According to the itinerary, caravan vehicles and riders will start to show up in Haworth at 11.22am and 1.10pm respectively, and in Oxenhope from 11.32am and 1.19pm respectively.

Oxenhope Parish Council vice-chairman, Coun Tony Maw, said: “At the moment, we’re looking at things we can do in Oxenhope to make it an enjoyable weekend for visitors and locals.

“There will be disruption, but at the same time we’re hoping it will bring people to the village and they will recognise what an attractive place it is.”

Coun Tony Wright, chairman of Keighley Town Council’s events and leisure committee, said: “I’ve been asking local people if they intend to go and watch the event and about four out of every five have said they will.

“So that’s as many as 40,000 people on the streets, just from those who live here, not counting people from further afield.”