Plans to paint double yellow lines on large parts of a Steeton road have been branded as ‘overkill’.

Councillor Andrew Mallinson claims there is no need for such an extensive parking ban along Thornhill Road.

He has spoken out despite campaigning in recent years for parking restrictions on other parts of the suburban street.

Coun Mallinson, who represents Craven Ward on Bradford Council, had supported residents’ demands for yellow lines on the lower part of Thornhill Road.

Bradford Council last year painted double yellow lines on the most badly affected parts of lower Thornhill Road and adjoining Currer Walk and Gamel View, to stop indiscriminate parking by Airedale Hospital staff and visitors.

The latest row concerns the upper stretch of Thornhill Road, running from Skipton Road to Currer Walk.

Parking restrictions have to be imposed to tie in with new traffic lights at the Thornhill Road junction with Skipton Road, part of work to accompany a new 206-home development off Thornhill Road.

Highways engineers this week sent Coun Mallinson their proposed blueprint for the ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions.

Coun Mallinson said he had expected there would be double yellow lines around the junction and any other potentially dangerous stretches.

But he was horrified to discover double yellow lines stretched most of the way down one side of Thornhill Road to Currer Walk, and all the way down the other side to Elm View.

He said: “I think it’s over the top. People who park there will now park elsewhere on the estate.

“It’s overkill. If you clear all those parked cars it will encourage people to turn to drive along Thornhill Road more quickly.

“I can understand some restrictions at the top of Thornhill Road because it’s going to be a signalled junction with Skipton Road, and you have to keep the road clear.”

Councillors have until tomorrow to send their comments to Bradford Council about the proposed restrictions.