A wooden planter that formed part of the Bradford Urban Garden now has pride of place on a Harden estate.

The planter has been installed around a mulberry bush in the history garden at St Ives.

“It’s a lovely addition to the garden and we’re very grateful to Bradford Council,” said Pam Laking, of the Friends of St Ives.

“People will get a lot of fun out of it in the summer.

“The day the team of workers came to install the planter the heavens opened and they got absolutely soaked, but they remained cheerful throughout!”

Six planters formerly located in the urban garden, where work has now started on the long-awaited Westfield retail development, have been given to community groups across the district.

One has also been donated to the Friends of Holden Park at Oakworth to be sited there.

A Bradford Council spokesman said: “The planters are in such good condition we didn’t want them to be simply thrown away.

“About 15 groups expressed an interest in them, and we drew six names out of a hat.”