Children in Glusburn are helping fund temporary homes for people hit by disasters in developing countries.

The youngsters will sell hundreds of buns to raise cash for ‘shelterboxes’, used by families fleeing conflict or hit by natural disasters. Each of the £590 boxes contains a tent and essential equipment, such as a stove, water purifier and tools. Glusburn Primary School pupils embarked on their fundraising drive after a visit by members of Skipton Craven Rotary Club, which has been supporting the Shelterbox charity for the past three years. Three other primary schools in South Craven have already raised enough money to buy 17 boxes.

Glusburn headteacher, Richard Hunt, said: “The children were inspired by the talk and are already keen to start their own fundraising.

“What we do well are bun sales, and three groups of children have already come to me wanting to make buns for Shelterbox.” The organisation is currently providing shelter for more than 3,000 families in the Philippines, and has also rehabilitated schools in the Sudan and provided thousands of tents and equipment for Syrian refugees in the Lebanon. George Garland and Bryan Ayton, from Skipton Craven Rotary Club, are registered Shelterbox speakers, and are available to talk to schools and other organisations about disaster relief.