An Oakworth man said he was relieved to hear work should soon start to tackle chronic flooding on a narrow lane leading to the hamlet where he lives.

Howard Varley, 60, of Newsholme, said Gill Lane had been plagued with flooding and drainage problems for years, despite being the only way of accessing Newsholme by car.

“The flooding has at times made the lane impassable, not just to cars, but also for pedestrians and animals, as the lane is also a local bridlepath,” he said.

“During the winter, the surface water often freezes over, making it an extreme hazard. It can only be a matter of time before there is a serious accident or injury, or both.”

Mr Varley, who is retired and has lived in Newsholme for ten years since moving from Haworth, added: “It’s been an issue for three or four years because all the ditches and gullies have silted up.

“The water is just draining on to the lane from the surrounding land, and it’s been getting worse during the time I’ve lived here.

“Last winter, when we had all that heavy snowfall, it was horrendous once the water froze over. It was like a skating rink.

“As well as residents who use that route, we have an awful lot of ramblers and other people who like to get out into the countryside. The lane is only ten to 12 foot wide, though you can just about get two cars past each other.”

Mr Varley has sung the praises of Worth Valley ward councillor, Glen Miller, who has visited the lane for himself and alerted the Council to the problem.

Mr Varley said he had received a letter from Coun Miller explaining remedial work should be taking place on the lane “within the next six to eight weeks”.

He added: “At a time when our politicians are coming in for increasing criticism, I would like to publicly record my thanks for the time Coun Miller has taken to investigate our concerns.”

Bradford Council was unavailable for comment at the time of going to print.