A Braithwaite pensioner fears schoolchildren will be killed crossing the road in front of his house.

John Horry says action must be taken to protect Merlin Top Primary pupils as they walk to and from school.

He suggests putting a crossing patrol in Braithwaite Avenue or providing a pelican crossing.

Mr Horry, 78, said: “Each morning, and at school leaving times, I’m very concerned there might be an accident.

“The other morning I saw a child run in front of a car. It happens all the time.

“There should be a school crossing patrol, a zebra crossing or a pelican crossing.”

Mr Horry also suggested barriers on the pavement near the school to stop children stepping into the road, or extra warning signs.

Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team said although officers are aware of traffic problems at many local schools, it did not appear to be an issue at Merlin Top.

Councillor Jan Smithies, who represents the Braithwaite area on Bradford Council, said no residents had raised the problem with her.

She added: “There are extensive traffic-calming road humps all along Braithwaite Avenue and double yellow lines by the school exit. These stop cars parking and keep sight lines clear for pedestrians and motorists.”

Coun Smithies agreed to raise the matter with the Merlin Top headteacher at one of their regular meetings.

Keith Escritt, the principal engineer with Bradford Council, said traffic measures had been installed in Braithwaite Avenue and adjacent roads, except North Dean Avenue, which will be targeted in the near future.

He added: “We look at all requests for pedestrian crossings on their own merits, but there needs to be evidence of demonstrable need.

“They are usually installed on busy roads where there is evidence of considerable risk to pedestrians and difficulty in crossing.”

Merlin Top Primary School said it was not in a position to give a comment because the head was away.