A teenager who competed in a televised horsemanship show in America faces a longer wait before he is allowed to reveal the results of the competition.

Western riding enthusiast, Joe Midgley, from Denholme, landed a role in master horseman Chris Cox’s ‘The Horsemanship Showdown’. The 19-year-old returned from competing in Texas late last year, and the contest was originally scheduled to be broadcast this week.

However, his mother, Judith, said the screening has been put back to February 18, when it will be shown on satellite and cable channel RFD TV.

“I’m disappointed it’s been put back, but we’ll be getting a DVD, so we should be able to watch it at any time,” she said. “There was a lot of filming done, but that’s been whittled down to eight hours of footage.

“Since Joe came back from Texas, he has got a lot of horse work – he’s had work coming in from as far away as Liverpool and Suffolk.”

Joe must not reveal anything about the competition results until the show is broadcast. He was the only competitor from the UK and was also the youngest.