A law firm hopes to drive children to distraction at Airedale Hospital.

LCF Law has pledged to raise £2,000 for the hospital’s Emergency Department Appeal to help fund new distraction walls for children. Young patients can draw or write on the wipe-clean walls while they are being treated by staff.

The fundraising has kicked off with a donation from Neil Shaw, an LCF partner and the head of personal law.

Neil was sponsored to compete in the Jane Tomlinson 10k race dressed as Elvis Presley!

Airedale consultant, Meg Crossley, clinical lead for A&E, said she was delighted with the firm’s support.

She added: “Children can find coming into hospital, particularly in an emergency situation, quite frightening.

“These floor-to-ceiling distraction walls play a vital role in helping parents distract or entertain a child if they are becoming agitated or distressed. The child can then be treated safely and quickly by the medical staff whilst remaining calm and concentrating on the wall.

“The walls are an ideal alternative to plastic toys or books, which can harbour germs and can be difficult for staff to hold whilst trying to treat the patient.”

Simon Stell, the managing partner at LCF Law, said each year the company nominated a charity to support.

He added: “Many of us live locally and understand what a vital role the hospital plays in the lives of so many children.”