The Chancellor might need to go back to the classroom... if only for his spelling rather than his maths!

During his visit to Silsden and Haworth last week, George Osborne decided to update his 71,000-plus Twitter followers about his trip – only to become the latest in a long line of people to misspell the historic village.

Tweeting last Thursday, the Chancellor commented: “Now in Howarth for cup of tea at lovely @cobbles_clay.”

Among those members of the Twitter community to pounce on the mistake were Sian Sargant, who tweeted back: “It would have been polite to spell the name of our village correctly.”

Another Twitter user, Mary Jo Pearson, said: “Where’s Howarth then? Is it anywhere near Haworth? Ah, only a vowel away it seems.”

Neil Turner wrote: “Looks like our chancellor @george_osborne is visiting Haworth, except he can’t spell it properly.”

But Stanbury resident Liz Barker was more forgiving, responding: “It is an easy one to get wrong. Glad you enjoyed Haworth!”

The Keighley News contacted the Chancellor’s office for comment, but had not received a response at the time of going to print. The incorrect spelling of Haworth was still on Mr Osborne’s Twitter feed on Tuesday.

The Chancellor is in good company, however. Worth Valley ward Councillor, Rebecca Poulsen, tweeted a photo from a Bradford Council executive meeting last week, which shows council-produced notices also spelling Haworth as ‘Howarth’