Extension plans at a Keighley hairdressers have caused a clump of objections from nearby residents who fear it will become a magnet for “intimidating young men”.

A barber’s shop on the corner of Skipton Road and Gale Street wants to spread out onto a small yard and build a new glass-fronted salon.

The application, due to go before Keighley and Shipley Area Planning Panel yesterday, was recommended for approval, despite fierce opposition from neighbours, who claim the shop will become a night-time haunt for undesirables.

The first of ten anonymous objections implied unwanted loitering was already an issue, and stated: “The proposal will encourage more young men to congregate outside the premises, intimidating passers-by, local residents and schoolchildren.”

But Bradford Council planning officers found there was no substantial reason to refuse permission for the extension, noting: “The objection letters suggest young men already congregate outside the premises, and the fear is if they are made larger, these premises will become a more regularly used ‘hang-out’.

“However the congregation of youths outside the premises appears to be an existing problem, and is for other agencies to address rather than the planning authority.”

Hairdressers working at the popular shop said they knew little about the application, but were pleased it included plans for a lockable bin-store.