An Oakworth resident says the verges of a scenic countryside lane are being ruined by “disgusting” quantities of litter.

Martin Seager said the problem is particularly bad along Harehills Lane in Oldfield.

He was prompted to highlight the issue in light of the daily reminders about the Tour de France’s arrival in July.

Mr Seager said: “I’ve recently started taking regular walks along our local moor roads, mainly from Oakworth towards Scar Top and back through Stanbury.

“I’m both disgusted and amazed at the staggering amount of rubbish strewn along the sides of our local roads. It’s just everywhere.

“Everything from beer cans, pop cans, ready-meal containers, coffee cups and just about everything you should find in a bin.

“At first I thought it must have blown there, but the sheer amount leads me to think it is being thrown from cars driving through our beautiful countryside. Clearly the people discarding it don’t give a damn.

“I have a second home in France, and the countryside there is spotless. What will they think of our filthy roads when the Tour de France comes here and they see them on the telly?”

Mr Seager, 52, who is a self-employed joiner, said the largest quantities of rubbish on rural roads around Oakworth tend to be outside of built-up areas. He suggested the perpetrators prefer to litter in relatively remote locations, where they won’t be spotted and challenged.

Worth Valley ward councillor, Rebecca Poulsen, said she had not received any complaints about a problem with litter in the Harehills Lane area.

She added she and her colleagues will be happy to look into the matter if they are contacted.

Coun Poulsen added she is confident that once the weather improves, efforts will begin in earnest to make sure the ward is looking its best in time for the Tour de France’s arrival.