You can’t see the wood for the trees at the Brown Cow in Keighley.

The pub at the bottom of West Lane will host a Forest School on Tuesday evening.

Customers can get involved in nature-based activities, like building dens, whittling wood or cooking marshmallows.

Forest Schools are normally held in local woodland, and involve children or families in outdoor play. This one is aimed at adults who are gathering at the Brown Cow for the monthly Green Drinks group.

Green Drinks allows eco-friendly people to socialise, talk about environmental issues and plan future projects.

Forest School practitioner, Annie Berrington, of Haworth, will let the Green Drinkers try their hand at Forest School activities.

Annie, who runs the company Get Out More, will also speak about environmental education.Annie said the company’s aim is to help people feel better about themselves in mind and body through engaging with nature.

She added: “We want to encourage people of all ages to feel connected to nature and each other, and more motivated to be active outdoors on a regular basis.”

Green Drinks is described as a casual, friendly, social gathering, where people can share ideas for sustainability and conscious living. Tuesday’s session will start at 7.30pm. Visit for details.