Irresponsible parking outside schools is putting pupils’ safety at risk, it is claimed.

South Craven School at Cross Hills says there have been several “near misses” due to vehicles parked around a layby at the Holme Lane entrance to the site.

And some parents are ignoring restrictions at Lothersdale Primary, leaving vehicles on yellow zigzag lines.

Police this week urged motorists to be considerate and bear in mind children’s safety.

South Craven School has posted a plea to parents on its website and tweeted on the issue.

“There have been occasions where vehicles have almost struck students who are crossing the road,” the school said in its message.

“We are sure you will agree the safety of all our students is of primary concern.

“For this reason, we are asking all vehicle users not to park in the Holme Lane layby, or for 25 metres either side of it. Vehicles within this area will be asked to move by school staff.”

The school’s concerns were echoed by ward councillor Philip Barrett.

He said: “The main entrance in Holme Lane is very busy at the start and finish of the school day.

“It’s therefore vital all motorists who consider they must participate in the school run park responsibly and, in so doing, minimise the risk of accidents to students and other pedestrians.”

Parking outside Lothersdale Primary School has long been a problem, according to parish council chairman Coun Stephen Cohen.

“The road gets very narrow right in front of the school,” he said. “Yellow zigzag lines were installed last year, but some people are still using that area to park their cars.” In a joint statement, head teacher Jo Robinson and the school governors said: “The school is a major part of the community and it is unfortunate for the fairly short periods at the start and finish of the school day the road can become congested.

“The school appreciates this can cause some inconvenience – we continue to highlight the problem to our parents and visitors via newsletters and direct communication from the school governors and are encouraging a parent-led walking bus.”

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Many schools suffer from inconsiderate parking around their entrances and in nearby streets.

“It is up to motorists to consider whether they really need to do the school run in the car and if they do to ensure they park somewhere appropriate.”