A Keighley vets is hopping with delight after receiving a coveted accreditation.

Keighley Vets4Pets has been added to a list of UK rabbit-friendly veterinary practices. The surgery had to meet standards set by the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund for equipment, facilities and services.

To celebrate its success, Keighley Vets4Pets – in Hard Ings Road – is staging a Valentine’s Day ‘lonely hearts’ competition to help a bunny find a soulmate!

People are invited to upload a photo of their rabbit to facebook.com/KeighleyVets4Pets by February 28.

The winner will receive a voucher for a free operation to neuter a rabbit, and will have the chance to choose a new friend for their pet from a rehoming centre.

Veterinary surgeon and Keighley Vets4Pets owner, Lara Clarkson, said: “Unfortunately, many rabbit owners do not realise what is required to look after their pets properly. The majority are kept alone, but they really do need company and are best kept in pairs or groups.

“Many rabbits aren’t even registered with a vet, nor kept up to date with their vaccinations, but this is just as important for bunnies as it is for cats and dogs.”

Keighley Vets4Pets – which opened last summer inside the Pets at Home store – boasts latest anaesthetic equipment designed specifically for rabbits, plus a separate rabbit ‘ward’.