An aspiring young student scriptwriter from Keighley will have one of his creations featured in the world’s first crowd-sourced narrative feature film today.

John Thornton, 20, from Riddlesden, wrote a short screenplay called Getting Ahead Of Yourself, which is now part of a full-length film called 50 Kisses.

The whole film is being premiered today at the Genesis Cinema in London, but simultaneous screenings will take place round the world, as far afield as California, Australia, Israel, Colombia and the Philippines.

Mr Thornton, who is currently studying scriptwriting for film and television, said: “The part I’ve written was made by Uncle Susan Films and directed by Dan Cayzer.

“I just wrote a silly little thing about a bloke who upsets his girlfriend, because that’s pretty much all I know! For it to now be part of a feature film is really cool.

“It’s especially nice because I got a bit of stick off my mates for wanting to study scriptwriting, and a few teachers raised their eyebrows too. So to have got somewhere from it so soon is really great.”

Mr Thornton seized the opportunity to have his script chosen by taking part in a screenwriting competition launched by the London Screenwriters Festival.

The contest’s organisers were seeking 50 two-page scripts based on a Valentine’s Day theme and featuring a kiss. Mr Thornton’s effort was one of the scripts chosen from more than 1,870 entries.