While traditional stone setts have been surfaced over in one Keighley street, they are reappearing in other parts of the town centre.

Potholes in roads around the town may be the bane of many motorists’ lives, but they’re uncovering elements of the town’s history.

Setts covered by asphalt for many years are showing again in streets including Scott Street and North Queen Street.

“This isn’t a unique occurrence – it can be seen in a few places,” according to local historian and long-time Keighley News Memory Lane columnist, Ian Dewhirst.

“It was in the earlier part of the 20th century that the stone setts generally disappeared.”

But he added: “In Cavendish Street, the surface used to be made up of wooden blocks.

“A cart would go round spraying water on them in hot weather to stop the wood being affected by the heat.

“When the surface was eventually pulled up, the blocks were sold for fire wood. They burned really well!”