A district councillor has attacked plans to close a major route into Cullingworth at weekends.

Coun Mike Ellis claims the closure of Keighley Road could seriously disrupt access for residents.

He added: “They’re willing to upset people’s lives and affect people’s businesses.

“I am growing extremely concerned about road closures where local residents and businesses are not being consulted or advised.”

Coun Ellis’s concerns centre on repairs to a wall at the junction of Keighley Road and Bingley Road.

Keighley Road takes drivers from Cullingworth to Keighley via the Guide pub, while Bingley Road is the main route from Cullingworth towards Harden and Bingley.

The council this week revealed work would be carried out on Saturdays and Sundays for three weekends from March 1 and 2, weather permitting.

For safety reasons, traffic between Cullingworth and Keighley will be diverted along Bingley Road through Long Lee.

In an e-mail to Coun Ellis, who represents Bingley Rural ward, a council highways officer revealed contractors had been appointed to carry out the work.

The officer added: “There will be some weekend closures of the road at this location to allow the contractor to carry out the works safely and also minimise the disruption to road users.”

Coun Ellis responded: “If the Cullingworth to Keighley road is closed, it will cause serious disruption for residents wanting to gain access to Cullingworth or Bingley.

“This is the preferred route for HGVs delivering and collecting from Midgeham End Quarry. The quarry is licensed to operate at weekends.”

Coun Ellis fears HGVs will instead have to access the quarry through the hamlet of Ryecroft.

He is also concerned the road closure will interfere with gritting routes.

Coun Ellis said temporary traffic lights had been at the junction for several weeks while the council decided who was responsible for repairing the wall.

He added: “These traffic lights have caused inconvenience, but it was just a small delay.”