An American singer has put the spotlight on Oxenhope through one of her latest songs.

Singer-songwriter Mirah tweeted her 2,362 followers about the village after the online release of her track called Oxen Hope.

She has now taken to the Internet to check out Oxenhope highlights, such as the annual Straw Race, after discovering there was a place with the same name.

Mirah, from Brooklyn, New York, said the song Oxen Hope was a forlorn tale of love lost.

She said: “I probably should’ve spiced up the last verse with a stanza about the Straw Race!

“I actually only found out about the village of Oxenhope the same day the single was released.

“But now I feel a kinship and feel I ought to plan a visit.”

Oxen Hope is a track on Mirah’s fifth solo album, Changing Light, due to be released on May 13.

Oxen Hope is one of ten songs that, according to Mirah’s publicity blurb, will carry fans from heartbreak to wholeness.

She said the album was the result of four years running and recording around the USA following a “scorching” break-up.

Mirah added: “It’s a break-up record. It has some moments of darkness, some twists and turns, but ultimately there’s a resolution.”

Oxen Hope was released on February 10, and the same day Mirah tweeted: “I just found out Oxenhope is a ‘town’ in England, famous for its straw race.”

Twitter user @littleredtarot responded: “Ha! It’s just up the road from me. And the Brontë sisters lived just a little further along.”

Oxenhope Straw Race secretary, Jane Barrett, welcomed Mirah’s interest in the event, which raises thousands of pounds for charities every year.

Pairs of runners carry a hay bale around the village while drinking a pint at each pub along the route.

Jane added: “The straw race is already very popular, but any interest is nice.”

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