Paramedics avoided a potential cat-astrophe when they carried out a routine vehicle check!

Perhaps thinking they had a faulty catalytic converter, the Keighley crew discovered a feral feline cowering in the engine compartment of the ambulance!

RSPCA officers were called to safely remove the moggie, nicknamed Lance, who had used up at least one of his nine lives.

Staff at the Hard Ings Road ambulance station were giving the vehicle an unofficial once-over on Saturday when they made the discovery, circled above.

“We’re not sure how long the cat had been in there, but the vehicle is used daily, so it must have got in at some point during Friday night or Saturday morning,” said a spokesman.

“The emergency ambulance had to be taken off the road until the RSPCA could attend, but, fortunately, we had a spare vehicle in the garage. And the cat seemed none the worse for its ordeal!”