An appeal has been lodged against Bradford Council’s refusal of plans for a wind turbine at Denholme.

Town council members and MP Philip Davies were among those who objected to the proposal for a 250kw turbine – on a 30-metre mast – at Upper Bradshaw Head Farm in Long Causeway.

And planners agreed with the opponents, saying the scheme would be an inappropriate encroachment into the green belt and would significantly harm the character of the landscape.

A spokesman said: “The negative impact on the open character and visual quality and amenity of the green belt is not considered to be outweighed by any very special circumstances – including the output of the turbine.”

The town council said the proposed site is one of the highest points in the area, and the visual impact of the structure would be “significant”.

But applicant Walter Clay said the turbine would be small-scale and slender, and would have a limited presence. He added the site has no special protection, and all environmental factors had been addressed.