New office space has been made available for small businesses inside a former East Morton Sunday School building.

The facilities are being offered by the typesetting firm Prestset Ltd, which occupies the rest of the same converted property – Bethel Hall in Morton Lane.

Stephen Duxbury, one of the directors of the company, said four offices had been created since December of last year, though two have already been let out.

“We’ve put in some partitions to provide some serviced offices,” he added.

“We’d like to let them out to people living in the village if we can. We know there are quite a few people in the area who work from home, who might want to take advantage of this.

“We’d really like to see villagers have the benefit. I don’t know of many other offices available in East Morton.”

He added the individual offices had been named Sunnydale, Holroyd, Botany and Dimples, in memory of the mills that used to be based in the village.