Firefighters broke into a Keighley flat to rescue a woman who had suffered a blackout while cooking.

A spokesman for Keighley Fire Station said the 67-year-old woman had fallen unconscious due to a medical condition, and suffered a dislocated shoulder when she fell.

A pan on the cooker overheated after she collapsed, triggering off smoke detectors in the ground-floor flat in Emily Street.

The Keighley fire engine, along with an appliance from Bingley, responded to the incident at 3pm on Tuesday.

The Keighley station spokesman said: “The woman had come round by the time we got in, but she’d dislocated her shoulder and couldn’t get up. The flat was locked, so we needed to break in.

“We gave the lady oxygen therapy for about ten minutes, then passed her to the paramedics who took her to Airedale Hospital. We used a ventilator to clear the smoke from the flat.”