After-dark boy racers have been driven out of Keighley Retail Park by a police clampdown on motorised misbehaviour.

Officers from the town’s Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team acted firmly after many complaints of aggressive driving by abusive young men.

One vehicle has been seized for no insurance, eight were searched for drugs, and two owners fined for illegal number plates in the car park behind the McDonald’s and KFC restaurants.

Two other owners were also warned their cars would be seized if they were used in an anti-social way within the next year.

The Keighley NPT’s website notes: “Over a period of time, the police received a large number of calls in relation to the retail park, which included vehicles racing around the car park, abuse to staff and causing a general nuisance to the surrounding community.

“PC Newnham and PCSO Wardle tackled the problem by increasing patrols in the area and issuing the following: two Section 59 warnings issued to the driver and the vehicle and results in them having their vehicle seized if caught acting in an anti-social manner within a 12-month period.

“Two fixed penalty notices for illegal number plates. One reported for no insurance and had their car seized.

“One reported for no driving licence, one reported for no tax, one cannabis warning issued and eight vehicle searches for drug offences.

“As a result, the staff and landlord of the retail park have reported a significant reduction in relation to anti-social behaviour.

“Local Safer Neighbourhood police will continue to monitor this situation and issue warnings and notices, where necessary.”

Praising the work of her officers, Inspector Diane Collins, of the Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Keighley, and we hope the action we have taken demonstrates we take it very seriously.

“We’re pleased at the significant reduction in calls regarding anti-social behaviour at the retail park, and will continue to work with our partners and the local community to monitor the situation.

“We would also urge anyone who experiences anti-social behaviour to contact their local policing team on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”