The owner of a cafe and gift shop is hoping all the other businesses on her street will join her store in helping to celebrate the Tour de France’s arrival in Keighley.

Christine Young, of Lavender Fields in Cavendish Street, said even though cyclists will not be riding along this particular road, she would like the many shops based there to enter into the spirit of the occasion.

“We’ll be decorating our own window and tea room with a theme connected to the Tour de France, and I’d like to see the other shops on the street doing the same thing,” she said.

“Even though the cyclists are going up North Street, not Cavendish, it’s still a massive event for Keighley and Yorkshire. It’s something we won’t see here again – or at least not for a very long time.”

Mrs Young said she is also hoping to set up a Twitter account for Cavendish Street, which will be ready in time for the Tour.

This will be a way for all the shops on the street to get together and promote themselves.

“Cavendish Street does get a bit left out sometimes,” she said.

“The Twitter account should hopefully be up and running in the next few weeks, and I want to approach every business on the street to let them know they can use it.”