A Cross Roads-based charity has been forced to accommodate more cats that were dumped at its shelter.

Five cats were left at Yorkshire Cat Rescue on the same day in two incidents. The first four were abandoned on February 19.

“The woman turned up and expected to be able to leave her pets with us there and then, but when we explained we had no free pens, she dumped them,” said cat rescue founder, Sara Atkinson.

“She left a note saying she loved her cats but couldn't keep them as her new landlord refused to accept pets.

“Many tenancy agreements feature a ‘no pets’ clause, but this can sometimes be negotiated. With forward planning, she could have handled things much better.”

The fifth cat was abandoned at the rescue centre later that day. The charity said a man who brought the male cat explained he had found it wandering, and that it did not belong to him.

“Abandoning an animal is an offence,” said Sara. “Once he had picked up the cat, it was his responsibility.”