Members of the committee behind the project to bring a traditional bandstand back to Haworth Central Park have visited the workshop where the structure is being constructed.

Haworth Bandstand Committee, together with a representative from Bradford Council’s Parks and Leisure department, were invited to Andy Thornton’s works in Elland last week to see what progress is being made.

Committee member and Haworth resident Gill Hill said: “We were able to discuss some of the details for the bandstand’s completion, such as confirming the colour, hanging basket points, electrical sockets and lighting.

“We are so proud a Yorkshire company is building our new venue and it confirmed construction in the park will commence during the last week in March.

“The bandstand will be ready for use as soon as it is completed but the official opening is to be at the beginning of this year’s Haworth Festival, which starts on June 21, with the bandstand celebration on June 22.

“The committee is busy preparing a programme that will highlight the versatility of the new structure."