A Keighley Town Council committee chairman said he and his colleagues are joining in the fight against stone theft by funding key technology to help police catch those responsible.

Coun Graham Mitchell, of the watch and transport committee, said theft of stone continues to be a problem locally, so deserves the resources needed to combat it.

Speaking during last Thursday’s full town council meeting, he said: “The theft of flagstones has been an issue right across this parish and neighbouring parishes.

“The police are trialling ‘Smart-Water’ marking of flagstones, but they also require the technical kit to identify flagstones when they turn up stolen in dealers’ yards.

“The committee has therefore agreed £1,000 to purchase five spotlight torches to enable police and the dealers to ‘read’ the SmartWater markings.”

SmartWater is a uniquely coded forensic liquid invisible to the naked eye. It is designed to provide undeniable proof of ownership, and to link criminals to the crime scene.